4 Benefits of Working With a Compliant Colocation Data Center


Securing data is a must for today’s businesses. Data is the backbone of modern business growth – but compromising your customers’ sensitive information can harm your operations, ROI, and reputation. That’s why more companies are turning to colocation data center providers to store critical data and computing equipment.

While your data center provider may offer the necessities to house and manage your hardware, maintaining data compliance is still your responsibility. Luckily, you can ease this burden by working with a vendor who prioritizes data center compliance. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top four benefits of data center compliance and how you can start working with a compliant colocation services provider today.


Benefits of Colocation Data Center Compliance

There are different levels of data center compliance, but “SOC 2” is likely a term you’ll often encounter when researching compliant colocation services. SOC 2, short for Service Organization Control 2, is a framework developed by the AICPA that outlines how businesses should handle customer data. When you deploy your equipment in a SOC 2-compliant data center, your business can benefit from the following:


1. Reduced Operational Risk

Compliant data center providers continuously monitor for unusual activity to detect threats before they can harm your network. If a hacker manages to gain unauthorized access to customer data, your provider can take action right away to prevent compromise and keep your business running smoothly.


2. More Accountability

Although SOC 2 compliance isn’t a legal requirement for technology providers and other service organizations, working with a compliant data center vendor signifies to your customers that you’re serious about data protection.


3. Improved Efficiency

Compliant colocation services can help your employees stay productive with better network performance and ongoing policy adherence – while easily maintaining the infrastructure needed to secure your data and provide peace of mind.


4. Greater Agility & Flexibility

The right colocation data center provider can anticipate your changing business needs and help you keep pace with technology as it evolves. Data compliance is a moving target, and what your company needs right now might not cut it in the future. Working with a compliant colocation services vendor means having someone in your corner to ensure you’re always secure.


Cloudsmart: Your Trusted Colocation Data Center Partner

Compliance should be a top priority when choosing a colocation data center provider. At Cloudsmart, we offer enterprise-level colocation services designed to keep your workforce running securely – without having to break the bank using “the big guys.”

Trust Cloudsmart for the following and more:

  • Access to a fortified, SOC 2-compliant data center facility
  • 24/7 monitoring and daily walk-throughs by our skilled staff
  • Complete disaster recovery and managed backup services
  • Lossless transfer to an emergency generator for added security
  • Robust access controls with 24/7 video surveillance

Ready to work with a colocation data center provider who puts your security and compliance first? Contact Cloudsmart today to get started.


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