Fortified Solutions

All services provided by Cloudsmart revolve around security and innovation. Our team understands the cybersecurity landscape and how critical systems need to be protected with high availability. Business continuity isn’t just a buzz word for us, it’s a lifestyle.

Need professional support?

Our solutions are fortified, resilient and come with professional support. On-premise, hybrid or complete Infrastructure As a Service, when you have services with Cloudsmart our team has the experience and knowledge to help our customers. Reach out today to contact us so we can help.

RECOL began operating as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for business in 1995. In early 2016 RECOL was acquired by A&A Office Systems, a family owned document solutions business with overlapping values; exceptional customer service and support driven by innovation. With the acquisition, RECOL became Cloudsmart. Located in Branford, Connecticut, we specialize in providing high-performance solutions with a focus on security and innovation to the region’s leading businesses, municipalities and other organizations.