Email Archiving

E-Discovery and Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving ensures compliance and reduces liability for organizations of all sizes. Email is always retained and captured even if end-users intentionally or unintentionally delete content. To keep compliance simple, an innovative front-end allows those departments and personnel to efficiently search content with E-Discovery functionality. Web interfaces for archiving can be assigned granular permissions so that only relevant departments or personnel can access archived data.

Protect your important data

The emergence of email as the dominant form of business communication has caused more and more organizations to implement email archiving in order to satisfy crucial administrative, legal and regulatory requirements.

Although it may be possible to find and recover email from the desktop or mail server without archiving, this process comes with problems and pitfalls. There is no guarantee that relevant emails have not been deleted by the recipient, and even if the relevant email exists, search and recovery will usually take considerable time and effort.