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Protect your business from the unexpected with enterprise-level cloud backup solutions from Cloudsmart.

Ditch the Downtime With Our Backup and Recovery Solutions

Remote and hybrid work environments have driven an increase in the amount of data traversing business networks. Couple this with an influx of  providers who offer nonexistent support, and safeguarding your network against unplanned downtime is now more difficult than ever. To complicate matters further, recovering lost data can be costly and time-consuming – and drastically disrupt the normal operations of your business. That’s where Cloudsmart comes in.

Our cloud backup solutions are integrated with Veeam’s industry-leading Backup & Replication software, so you can rely on enterprise-level protection without an enterprise-level price tag. Trust Cloudsmart to protect your data against accidental deletions, hardware failures, cybersecurity attacks, and more – backed by day and night support from our highly-skilled, local staff. 

Our Backup and Recovery Products

Cloudsmart Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect

Cloudsmart Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect is your all-in-one cloud backup solution, designed to help you protect your critical data from cybersecurity threats, meet your long-term retention requirements, and modernize your backup strategy.

  • Integrated with Veeam’s industry-leading Backup & Replication software for easy and cost-effective offsite backup and archiving.
  • Comprehensive protection against data loss from malicious or accidental deletions, hardware failures, and cyber crime.
  • Immutable backups provide you with Linux hardened repositories that are unable to be deleted by bad actors.

Our Backup and Recovery Products

Cloudsmart Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 lets you securely backup Office 365 to Cloudsmart’s SOC 2 data center or any other location – including on-premises, a hyperscale cloud, or another service provider – to keep your sensitive cloud data protected from accidental deletion, security threats, and retention policy gaps.

  • Enterprise-level recovery flexibility to quickly restore individual Office 365 emails, files, and sites.
  • Efficient eDiscovery of Office 365 data to help your business meet legal and compliance requirements.


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