Empower Your Business Communication with Cloudsmart’s Business Email Services: Tailored Solutions for Seamless Connectivity

Cloudsmart understands the unique technology needs of your business, and our all-in-one business email hosting solutions are crafted to meet those needs precisely. Whether your teams are scattered across locations or working collaboratively in one place, our comprehensive business email services ensure effective communication with a focus on security and flexibility – all without the hefty enterprise-level price tag.

Why Choose Cloudsmart for Business Email Services?

  1. Tailored Hosting Solutions: Our business email hosting caters to a range of preferences, from robust Exchange hosting with shared calendars, contacts, and tasks to traditional IMAP or POP hosting. Cloudsmart provides enterprise-level solutions designed for businesses of all sizes.

  2. Secure Email Hosting: Prioritize the security and privacy of your business communication. With options such as IMAP and POP mail hosted on our redundant system, Webmail, Office 365, dedicated Microsoft Exchange hosting, and Zimbra hosting, your emails are protected with top-tier security measures.

  3. Email Archiving: Easily store and search critical emails for business, legal, and compliance purposes. Our secure email archiving solutions ensure that your important communication is readily accessible when needed.

  4. E-Discovery Functionality: Stay compliant with our innovative E-Discovery functionality. Efficiently search archived emails, enabling relevant personnel to retrieve information swiftly for compliance and legal purposes.

  5. Data Protection: Eliminate the risk of data loss due to accidental or malicious email deletion. Our professional business email hosting provides robust data protection measures to keep your business compliant.

  6. Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Perimeter Protection: Safeguard your email environment from spam and cyber threats. Cloudsmart’s multi-tiered system reduces unwanted emails by over 95%, providing enterprise-level protection with enhanced virus prevention, content and attachment filtering, heuristic analysis, and more.

  7. 24/7 Local Support: Benefit from round-the-clock monitoring and protection from our highly-skilled, local support staff. We ensure that your email services remain secure and operational at all times.

Experience Seamless Connectivity with Cloudsmart's Business Email Services.

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