Document Management

Document management software is the key to organizing all your files digitally. If your filing cabinets are overtaking your office, or finding that one folder is taking way too long, electronic document management can help reclaim your space and save you valuable time, making your workspace much more efficient.


With Digitech PaperVision Enterprise hosted in our secure Cloudsmart data center in Branford, CT, you have the piece of mind knowing right where your documents are without the hassle of maintaining your own infrastructure. Organize your files just like a filing cabinet, and search through them right down to the word with optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Just link an on premise solution, your files are easily accessible any time through a secure internet connection, but you can rest comfortably leaving all the heavy tech lifting to us.


Need help digitizing all your paper files? A&A Office Systems’ Scansmart division can scan all your documents for you!



If you prefer to maintain your own document server, Cloudsmart can help you develop a system that resides within your organization. Cloudsmart offers solutions from Digitech and Laserfiche, custom tailored to best suit your needs. With an on premise system, you get the full range of powerful organizations and searching options, but retain full administration control and responsibility of your document management system’s upkeep. For an additional cost, Cloudsmart also offers installation and support service.


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