Desktop as a Service (CloudDesk)

Cloudsmart’s Desktop as a Service (CloudDesk) utilizes the capabilities of our data center in addition to our partnership with VMware. From entry level DaaS to solutions that provide millions of IOPS via our PCle SSD investment, Cloudsmart CloudDesk is elastic and scalable to best suit our customer’s needs.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is a hot🔥 trend in the IT world and for good reason. It allows companies to effectively do more with less. Are you still using Windows 7 on your desktop PCs? Then you want to keep reading!

At Cloudsmart, we will virtualize desktops for your company and employees so that all users are accessing one consistent desktop experience – regardless of the device they use. I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has changed what a traditional work environment will look like for the foreseeable future. VDI is a great tool for this.

What are some of the benefits of VDI?
• This IT solution does NOT require all new hardware devices for users. Rather, they can access it from any device.
• VDI can literally save your organization thousands of dollars 💵 when compared to upgrading to new hardware and software!
• The safety is in the server that hosts the VDI environment, not the devices.
• It allows for employees to work remotely but to access the chosen company desktop in a way that is safe and cost-effective.
• The desktop is created to your company’s specifications, so you pay for what you need and not for what you don’t.
• We have packages available for as few as 5 users and as many as 500+
• Packages include Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Exchange and any customer provided software you need!
• These expenses are OpEx, as opposed to CapEx.



Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Features

As your organization grows, so does the number of end user PCs your IT department has to deploy. Managing granular security protocols and frequent software updates can be a hassle, and PC failures only complicate the task. With Desktop as a Service from Cloudsmart, your IT team remains in control while enjoying the convenience of a desktop in the cloud. It’s hassle-free desktop management. And even in the event of a PC failure, all your data is safe and secure and your user is ready to hit the ground running without missing a beat as soon as a new PC is issued. Cloudsmart’s back up services mean nothing is ever lost and your organization can focus on what it does best. To learn more about the value of DaaS, feel free to browse these VMware case study white papers. Implementation with a Global Car Manufacturer Implementation with Carroll Hospital Center Implementation with a European Financial Services Company