Fortified Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Perimeter Protection

Protect your email from spam or malicious content before it can get to your environment. Anti-spam and anti-virus perimeter scanning ensures the utmost protection while reducing both computer and staffing resources.

Perimeter Security

Block over 99 percent of spam and eliminate associated costs with Cloudsmart’s multi-tiered system. Reduce internal resources by scanning at the perimeter before routing to your environment.

  • Virus/Trojan/Ransomware/Worm Prevention – Enhanced protection against malicious threats
  • Content and attachment filtering. Improve email server performance with perimeter based scanning and filtering
  • Heuristic analysis for real-time threat protection
  • Reduce corporate liability and risk while increasing staff productivity
  • Email attack perimeter protection – Shield your network from vulnerability and attacks
  • Quarantine management – Customize how quarantined mail is handled.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and protection via exceptional and responsive local support staff
  • User-managed web interface

Spam Reduction (Cloudsmart® Anti-Spam) and Anti-Virus

Cloudsmart’s Anti-Spam product is proven to reduce unwanted email by 95% or more including almost all offensive and objectionable email. Cloudsmart uses a three-tier system that employs outright-rejection, quarantine and tagging. Cloudsmart Spam Reduction works with both in-house (on-premise) email servers and Cloudsmart hosted email.

Our unique approach to anti-spam and anti-virus security means you can rest easy knowing that your email is safe and you’re receiving only the content you want.