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Why CS3?

Experience the future of storage with CS3, a revolutionary S3-compatible storage solution. Bid farewell to traditional storage limitations and embrace the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency of our cutting-edge technology, ideal for unstructured data like images, videos, backups, logs, and documents.

Seamlessly integrate applications, websites, and data workflows with S3 compatibility, unlocking endless possibilities for small startups to large enterprises. Benefit from a cost-effective solution with no ingress or egress charges, ensuring transparent and consistent monthly billing based on your actual usage.

Securely store your data in our Tier 3, SOC 2 certified data center in Connecticut, with 100% infrastructure ownership and control. Join forward-thinking organizations, elevate your storage capabilities, and discover a world of possibilities with S3-compatible storage – your data, your way.

Features and Benefits

1. Scalability: Easily expand your storage capacity without downtime or infrastructure changes. This scalability makes it suitable for small startups to large enterprises.

2. Security: CS3 storage includes robust security features, such as access controls, encryption at rest and in transit, and integration with identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

3. Availability: CS3 is designed to be high availability, with service uptime exceeding 99.99%. This reliability ensures that your data is accessible when needed, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your applications and services.

4. Cost-Efficiency: The most cost effective solution for your cloud storage needs with consistent monthly billing because we never charge for data moves.

5. Compatibility: CS3 interfaces adhere to the S3
API standards, making it easy to integrate with a wide range of applications, tools, and libraries that support the S3 protocol. This compatibility reduces development effort and allows you to leverage a vast ecosystem of existing S3-compatible solutions.

6. Best Storage for Veeam: As a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, Cloudsmart is always looking to provide the best Veeam enabled solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery. With Direct-to-Object support for Veeam V12 and Microsoft 365 Backup, CS3 is the way to go for those looking for an immutable cloud repository.

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